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  • Do makeup applications include false eyelashes in the price?
    Yes, all makeup applications include complimentary individual or strip eyelashes.
  • How long does a makeup or hair service take?
    Generally, 45 minutes to 1 hour is allowed for each service.
  • What products do you use?
    For makeup, a range of products are used from brands such as Nars, Laura Mercier, Georgio Armani, MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, Bare Minerals, Mecca Cosmetica and more. For hair, Eleven Australia products are mainly used along with Kevin Murphy with heat tools from GHD and Muk.
  • How do I secure a booking?
    For weddings, group, single (including trial) bookings, a non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your appointment. The amount is normally a percentage calculated based on the total amount quoted. Please note: Appointments are not secure unless the non-refundable booking fee is paid.
  • What if I need to cancel my booking?
    It is important to note that once you secure your booking, Nicole will then allocate this time and date to you and not take on any other work for that time. If you need to cancel your booking your booking fee will need to be kept to compensate for declined bookings/loss of work. Cancellations include removing services on the day (or up to 3 months prior) that you orginially booked. For Nicole's COVID-19 Policy, please submit a form via the contact page.
  • How do I prepare for my hair and/or makeup session?
    HAIR & MAKEUP: For your session please bring along your 2-3 inspiration images and potentially pictures of your dress/outfit to assist in constructing an overall look for you. Please come along to your session with clean and dry hair and clean exfoliated and moisturised skin. Note: When you are looking for inspiration pictures of hair and makeup, it is helpful to look for images that you have similar hair colour and length to (unless you are wanting to use extensions) and skin tone. This can help in achieving the most similar look possible to your inspiration. SPRAY TANS: It is recommend to do a trial spray tan if you have not had one before to see if you like it and then can adjust the colour for the actual event if needed so you're 100% happy on the big day. A very light spray on the face is okay but can be drying therefore not necessary as makeup can be applied to the face to match the neck and body. It is also recommended that if you are having your wedding makeup trial you get a spray tan if you are considering having one on the actual wedding day. LASHES: Lash extensions can be lovely when they are kept a little more natural and volume can be added to them if needed on the day. Lash lifts are not advised if you are wanting false lashes on the day of your event or wedding as they are almost impossible to attach when the natural lashes are curled.
  • Do I need to buy anything to touch up my makeup with?
    It is recommended you purchase a lip liner, lipstick and a touch up powder to use on the day to help with oil control. Colours and brands can definitely be discussed at your trial so you know exactly what to purchase.
  • Will my makeup last if i get it done in the morning for an afternoon/evening event?
    Yes, it should! It does depend on each individual as to how your makeup will last. As an artist i do my best to ensure that the correct skin prep and products are used for makeup longevity, however things like touching your face a lot, not having skin that is generally taken care of and a lot of perspiration can affect how it lasts at times. If you are worried about this, in the question above I have included my recommendations on what products to buy to touchup with.
  • Will my hair last if i get it done in the morning for an afternoon/evening event?
    It should! It does depend on each individual's natural hair as to what style is requested, what can be achieved and how long it will last. As an artist i do my best to ensure that the correct prep and products are used for hair styling, however things like the condition of your hair, touching your hair a lot, leaning on your hair, the weather and excessive movement can affect how it lasts at times. I will talk to each client on the day to ensure they understand what is achievable and what my recommendations are for their hair type and what is required.



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